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About OzraMedia

It started back in 2012 at the University of Pretoria when we built the first large scale website using Wix aimed at providing engineering students with a way to share knowledge through being able to download past papers, class notes and each others study notes. Traffic was in the hundreds per day at peak times even then. Since those days, we learnt what it meant to build cost effective, quality web sites and how to promote these for other businesses through social media marketing and graphic design. 

The vision behind OZRA Media was always to provide a way for business owners and individuals to gain a digital presence. We pride ourselves in doing this in a way that is transparent, easy, and puts the customers’ needs first.

OZRA Media is a subsidiary of Coza Cards, a Level 1 BBEE certified company based in South Africa. 

In a digital world, it’s not nearly enough to have a physical presence, but a great online one. 
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Our company

The benefits of working with us:

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transparent working style

All of our pricing is listed on our website with exactly what you get with each package. Right in the beginning we take you through exactly what is to be delivered. 

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set timelines

Get set, ready and go! We aim to deliver in the quickest time possible while ensuring the best quality. You’ll know right from the start when delivery is expected. 

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your needs come first

Although we will aim to advise you of what is industry practice and what we find works best, your needs come first! We appreciate that you know your industry and business better than anyone, and we aim to meet your expectations. 

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in person

Wherever possible, we aim to develop an in-person relationship with you. This is important for us, as although everything is going digital, there is still no full substitute from beginning a journey face to face.

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a local team

We aim to try ensure that all of our contractors that we work with at OZRA Media are from the beautiful country of South Africa. Not only is this to provide skills development and employment, but more importantly to ensure that quality in communication and understand is at the level it should be.

Our Team

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Oz Razak

Oz has a wide field of experience dealing with companies from a multitude of different industries. Focusing on digital trends and emerging technologies, Oz understands what your business needs to grow.

Mario Liebenberg

Lead Developer
Mario has a large portfolio of development projects having worked on websites, apps, databases and everything in between. Need an impressive site with all the bells and whistles? Mario is your guy.

Mon-Sat: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Johannesburg, South Africa